I have experience using SketchUp to draw furniture plans for location shoots, to build sets on a stage, and to replicate a location element for extended scene work on a stage. I have collaborated with Charge Scenics and Construction Coordinators to execute faux tile, install wallpaper, install and remove temporary wall coverings (as an alt to painting a sensitive location), build a set that looks like dirt but can withstand heavy rain, and find creative solutions to the many curveballs that arise in production -- all while managing the labor and materials budgets. 

Jay-Z music video ft. Gloria Carter

We shot this music video on location at Jay-Z's childhood home in the Marcy Projects. Unfortunately, it was the 5th floor with a slow tiny elevator. That meant that having furniture plans was very important to make sure every piece we were bringing up the stairs would be used, and would fit. And because we were on location, that also meant any scenic work like adding grime to the walls had to be temporary. See photos for images of the graphic design work that was made that didn't make the final cut. 

Cannes Lion Grand Prix recipient


Dir : Miles Jay

Pr. Design : Akin McKenzie 

Dir of Photog : Stuart Winecoff



To Dust
Feature Film



This feature was shot entirely on Staten Island in NY. It posed many logistical challenges including how to match a dead, taxidermied, and live pig across many scenes as well as matching graves on location with a grave built on the stage. The project required research into the Orthodox Jewish community which led us to find new vendors and approaches to make the physical world realized with respect to the religious community


Tribeca Film Festival special screening, and limited theatrical release nationwide 8 Feb 2019

Dir : Shawn Snyder

Pr. Design : Alexandra Kaucher

Dir of Photog : Xavi Gimenez

"The Leak" 
Mr. Rooter commercial



The main challenge for this shoot was building a sink that felt realistic, but also had dramatic pipes and could fit a large camera rig underneath. The dripping water and oscillating needle on the gauge were both practical effect. 


Dir : Jason Evans

Pr. Design : Nicholas Tong 

Dir of Photog : Joe Victorine


 The Bindery

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