July 2019 I spent  4 weeks in Paris learning different methods of showcasing concept & design for interior spaces. Here's a little bit about the project and what I created. 

Over the course of the month, we designed a floating habitation to be docked on the Seine near Notre Dame &  Le Pont de Tournelle. We were told the client is a couple in their late 20s. The man is a product designer, and the woman is a traveling photojournalist. The home could not exceed 80 sq meters with a max height of 5m50 and a max width of 5m


The concept for my floating habitation is centered around nature defining the lines between personal and communal spaces. 

On the ground floor, nature is brought inside the home. In the living room, there is a water tank serving as a wall that purifies water from the Seine for the home's daily use. Above and on both vertical parrallel walls is glass to allow light into the tank creating a caustic effect on the walls of the living room and kitchen. Separating the master bedroom and bathroom from the rest of the house sits a greenhouse filled with tropical plants. On the bank side of the home, a trellis with ivy covers the panoramic windows to give some privacy from passerbys. 

To maintain a warm and natural atmosphere, I added wood floors, many wood counter tops, a primarily stone bathroom, and panoramic windows for natural light no matter the time of day or year. 

On the top floor, nature is considered in the inverse effect. The two glass domes serve as the couples' private work studios. 360 glass walls and dome allows them to immerse themselves in their picteresque location, while still maintaining privacy. Along the dome is LED rope lighting to create an even glow across the space. And when the sun in too much or privacy is needed, one can pull down fabric roller shades to control how much light floods the room, no matter where the sun is. 

Beside the studios is a garden with slatted wooden shades on a louver system, so they can be open or closed for desired sunlight and privacy. There is a patio set so dinners can be enjoyed outside in nice weather.