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Media varies from feature film narrative, web series drama, music videos, commercials, and even a proof of concept for a TV series. Across the board, I chose to keep the frame minimal, leaving space for the story to breathe and actors to live in a curated world. 

A Portrait of Frances, Enclosed
short film
(in post-production)


The story is set in 1978. We were a small crew with a low budget, but still managed to hang wallpaper in the living room and kitchen as well as paint the parent's bedroom and Frances' bedroom. I brought in everything from vintage magazines and bedding to the couch and lamps. 

Dir : Katie Schiller & Jake Levy

Dir of Photog : Cory Fraiman-Lott

It Doesn't Suck Productions

feature film
(in post-production)


Set in contemporary Brooklyn, Milo decides to become a surrogate to an older gay man she meets one night at a bar. We shot this in 21 days with the art dept totaling me and one assistant. The work included full redress on 360 apartment sets, a stage build, creating graphics, clearance coordinating hero props and wall art, budget managing, set decorating, propping, collaborating with costume designer, faking a hospital room, keeping prop & set dressing continuity, and scheduling all pick-ups, returns, prep, strike, and build days.

Dir : Morgan Ingari

Dir of Photog : Maria Rusche

Enfant Terrible 

Amadi Comes Home
short film
(in post-production)


Here, I brought in lighting and surface dressing to add personality and warmth to the background while keeping the focus around the table. We shot this over 2 days, keeping continuity of the food and candles. 

Dir : Jessica Burgess & Julie Asriyan

Dir of Photog : Blaine Dunkley

"The Frost" 
August Burns Red music video


We shot this entire music video in a day in a very humid and sweaty abandoned warehouse in Philly. My team and I brought in all snow FX from the blizzard machines to hand frosting all the instruments. I coordinated with SFX M/U & wardrobe for the band members' looks, and collaborated with the directors to create dynamic visuals for all seasons portrayed.


Dir : Dan Fusselman & Samuel Halleen 

Dir of Photog : Bret Kalmbach


 Apairus Company

King Ester 
7 episode web drama, 6-10 min each


King Ester provided the ultimate ultra-low-budget challenge. We started with an entirely empty space with no electricity and brightly colored walls and transformed it into a 2005 home that breathes the unique visual culture of New Orleans while maintaining the director's vision of a completely green versus red world. For our exteriors, we were constantly vigilant to show the pre-Katrina world and hide contemporary rebuilding that has resurged in the past 13 years to keep the period authentic.

Dir : Dui Jarrod

Dir of Photog : Patrick Ryan Morris

Dedalus Moving Pictures & 220th St Productions


Temporary Guardians
10 min proof of concept for 30m network series



As a proof of concept, I needed to show style, production value, and a world you could watch over and over again. As a dark comedy about guardian angels, I needed to ground the actors in a world the audience can believe and relate to despite lapses of reality.


Stareable Fest nominations : Best Short Form Comedy, Best Actor (David Ebert), Best Cinematography 


Dir : Andrew May 

Dir of Photog : Jordan Parrott


 Compass Rose Productions

short film 


For "Sink", my team and I dug a 5' diameter by 4' deep circular hole to play as a hole that had randomly appeared overnight and caught the attention of 3 neighborhood children. We also ran all of the fog you see in the short, as well as the pyrotechnics for the burning oil rag. For our one interior set, we redressed a dilapidated shed bringing in about half of the set dressing and painting over existing graffiti to blend it in with the location's naturally rotting wood. 

Dir : Zach Meyer

Dir of Photog : Alex Haessner

Evolve Media

The Acolyte 
short film 


Due to multiple pushed shoot dates and other production challenges, the short was finalized by another designer.  Here are the original concept sketches that went through initial discussions with the director and original DP.

Dir : Sammy James Jr.

Final designer : Roxy Martinez-Michaud

Mooni Suzuki Inc.

"The Caretaker" 
Virtual Reality horror short


This project posed a lot of fun considering where the viewer's gaze will turn as new characters are introduced, and how I could place objects in corners that would reward the viewer for exploring the world. 

Opened at Cannes and is now on international release

Dir : Jake Wasserman & Nick Pesce

Dir of Photog : Adam Donald

Hidden Content

"Men Who Salad " 
Dixie paper plates commercial

Here I collaborated with the food stylist on the day to create the salad looks, I styled the table settings, set the furniture, and ran the foggers for both the large cloud of grill smoke and the smoke that poured from the grill when opened. 

Dir & Dir of Photog : Brian Lannin



"What the Heck is Cold Brew?" 
Buzzfeed & Dunkin Donuts web content


We had very little time and money to create the pieces of the Rube Goldberg inspired coffee process. I led design and fabricated most of the "machinery" with a team of 2 others while we had another team member focus on the lo poly style paper fabrication, including the Dunkin Donuts store. 

Dir : Paul Trillo

Dir of Photog : Adam Donald

Big Block Content