Works are largely divided into feature films that fall into various levels of horror/thriller/drama and commercials with a variety of clients and styles from fun & weird to clean & sleek. 

Faux Dundee Teaser Trailer : NY Unit | Tourism Australia


2018 Superbowl Ad pre-release


We shot Hugh Jackman's Prime Minister office in NY which included ordering a custom aboriginal flag fabrication and  making a cork hat to honor Australian culture. Tourism Australia released a gimmick Dundee movie trailer as buildup to their final Superbowl ad. 

Pr. Design :  Nicholas Tong 


Droga 5

Women to Watch | Youtube
web content
Here, we had 10 unique looks to shoot across 3 days (thankfully on one location) with only 2 days prep for set dec. It was a good practice of time management and organization while maintaining an overall vibe within each highly styled look.

Pr. Design :  Nicholas Tong 

Art Director : Joshua  "Petey" Peterson


 The Bindery

Boarding School
Feature Film


Production designer Mary Lena Colston challenged me to compose a subtle lull of discomfort in all of the main interior spaces. Every surface contained a highly curated still life showing tension and at times foreshadowing the turns the story takes. 

Limited theatrical and full VOD release. Currently available on Amazon

Pr. Design : Mary Lena Colston

Dir : Boaz Yakin

Dir of Photog : Mike Simpson

Maven Pictures

Feature Film


Wildling was my first full length feature as a dept head. The opportunity taught me lessons in communication with the designer and effective scheduling. I also learned about taxidermy, dressing hospital rooms, forested exteriors, and the many details a decorator is responsible for on stage builds including the creation of a fully functional shower.


SXSW World Premiere 

Theatrical Release with IFC

Currently available on Amazon

Pr. Design :  Lauren Fitzsimmons

Art Director : Mary Lena Colston

Dir. : Fritz Boehm

Dir. of Photog. : Toby Oliver


Maven Pictures

Instant Games on Messenger
Facebook new feature video



All built sets shot over 2 days.


Pr. Design :  Nicholas Tong

Art Director : Joshua "Petey" Peterson

Dir. : Crobin

Dir. of Photog. : Justin Derry


Gravy Films

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