Works are largely divided into feature films that fall into various levels of horror/thriller/drama and commercials with a variety of clients and styles from fun & weird to clean & sleek. 

Faux Dundee Teaser Trailer : NY Unit | Tourism Australia


2018 Superbowl Ad pre-release


We shot Hugh Jackman's Prime Minister office in NY which included ordering a custom aboriginal flag fabrication and  making a cork hat to honor Australian culture. Tourism Australia released a gimmick Dundee movie trailer as buildup to their final Superbowl ad. 

Pr. Design :  Nicholas Tong 


Droga 5

Women to Watch | Youtube
web content
Here, we had 10 unique looks to shoot across 3 days (thankfully on one location) with only 2 days prep for set dec. It was a good practice of time management and organization while maintaining an overall vibe within each highly styled look.

Pr. Design :  Nicholas Tong 

Art Director : Joshua  "Petey" Peterson


 The Bindery

Beauty | Wide

Beauty | Detail


Parenting | Frame 1

Parenting | Frame 2




Vegan Cooking

DIY House Projects

Cooking Hacks

Boarding School
Feature Film


Production designer Mary Lena Colston challenged me to compose a subtle lull of discomfort in all of the main interior spaces. Every surface contained a highly curated still life showing tension and at times foreshadowing the turns the story takes. 

Limited theatrical and full VOD release. Currently available on Amazon

Pr. Design : Mary Lena Colston

Dir : Boaz Yakin

Dir of Photog : Mike Simpson

Maven Pictures

Feature Film


Wildling was my first full length feature as a dept head. The opportunity taught me lessons in communication with the designer and effective scheduling. I also learned about taxidermy, dressing hospital rooms, forested exteriors, and the many details a decorator is responsible for on stage builds including the creation of a fully functional shower.


SXSW World Premiere 

Theatrical Release with IFC

Currently available on Amazon

Pr. Design :  Lauren Fitzsimmons

Art Director : Mary Lena Colston

Dir. : Fritz Boehm

Dir. of Photog. : Toby Oliver


Maven Pictures

Daddy's attic, where Anna is kept | stage build

BEFORE | Daddy's Living Room

AFTER | Daddy's Living Room

AFTER | Daddy's Living Room

Anna looking in a faux-bolted prison mirror

Sheriff Ellen's front porch

Sheriff Ellen's dining area in the home she grew up in and now owns as an adult

Sheriff Ellen's living room in the home she grew up in and now owns as an adult

Rented taxidermy deer with a clear matte sealant over the blood

Me, in the fully dressed hospital set

Commercial for Comedy Central | Truth Anti-Smoking PSA
Here, we recreated the main set of the Comedy Central show WORKAHOLICS at a cat scale out of cardboard and office supplies. I helped fabricate some of the cat's desk dressing and dress the sets to match the established WORKAHOLICS desks

Pr. Design : Nicholas Tong

Art Director : David Cherof

Dir : Crobin

Dir of Photog : Ed David

Pudding Boy Productions

Instant Games on Messenger
Facebook new feature video



All built sets shot over 2 days.


Pr. Design :  Nicholas Tong

Art Director : Joshua "Petey" Peterson

Dir. : Crobin

Dir. of Photog. : Justin Derry


Gravy Films