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features selected branded content works as Production Designer, Art Director, and Set Decorator.

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As a designer, I prefer to join the creative process as early as possible. I love workshopping early drafts of scripts as much as I love working with a location manager to find the best space to tell the story. Production Design, for me, is so much deeper than choosing wall colors and drafting builds. It's working closely with the director, dp, and costume designer to create a unique look for the audience to interpret the characters and actions. It's setting the tone, ambiance, environment, and mood in every detail that passes through the frame. The design of any project should elevate the story and bring a richer life to the screen.


With my department heads, I prefer to discuss characters and scenes at their core concept and mood while allowing space for new ideas to be introduced.

I deeply love crying alone in a movie theater, the idea of living on Mars, the theremin, my cat Chachi, the TWA hotel, visiting decorative arts museums when I travel, and my annual costume-encouraged Oscar Viewing Party.

My union status is with I.A.T.S.E United Scenic Artists Local 829, covering production designers in New York.



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