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Raised in New Orleans, I have an appreciation for improvisation and a fascination with the ways cultures mix and meet to form new celebrations. In narrative work, I love to explore the beauty in darkness and human connection. The filmmaking process excites me most when many components meld together through humble collaboration and elevate the story to something new and unexpected. I enjoy designing anything that has strong character to dig into, whether the style be loud pop art, decrepit victorian,  every-day college bro clutter, and anything in between. 

My approach often involves digging for unique pieces at estate sales, mix-matching woods and patterns, and the subtle creation of character through their trash and odd habits. I'm a big fan of spreadsheets, google drive, and checklists to keep organized in the chaos of production schedules. 

My union status is with I.A.T.S.E : 


United Scenic Artists Local 829, covering art directors and production designers in New York.


Studio Mechanics Local 478, covering all set decoration and property positions with jurisdiction in Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Mobile.

Studio Mechanics Local 52 as a permitted guest in the New York jurisdiction for all set decoration and property positions.


Email : cheyenne.artdept@gmail.com
Cell & What's App : +1 901.846.0508

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