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Give or Take | Feature Film 

Screening Info

Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival : SNEAK PREVIEW (only in FLORIDA, online) 20 - 21 June

Woods Hole Film Festival (view trailer here) : 25 July - 1 Aug ; online only

AGLIFF (All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival) : 6 - 16 Aug (online only)

Monmouth Film Festival : 14 - 16 Aug (hybrid, with virtual screenings)

more festival announcements coming soon! 

for more info, check out the official website  or view stills and before and after photos on my feature films page

When a disillusioned New Yorker's father dies, his son (Jamie Effros) goes home to Cape Cod and prepares the house for sale while sharing it with his father's late in life live-in boyfriend (Norbert Leo Butz). With nothing to separate them they are forced to negotiate how to remember and move on from the man they both loved.


Dir : Paul Riccio

Dir of Photog : Federico Cantini

Producers : Jamie Effros, David Kuhn, Angela Malley, Kevin Matusow, Paul Riccio

The Traveling Picture Show Company

Milkwater | Feature Film 


Hollywood Reporter : 'Milkwater': Film Review

Variety :  Film News Roundup

No Film School : How to Navigate the Festival Circuit During a Pandemic

Screening Info

Brooklyn Film Festival : 29 May - 7 June ; winner Best Screenplay

Lighthouse International Film Fest : NJ drive-in theater 19 June

Atlanta Film Festival : 17 - 27 Sept

for more info, check out the official movie website or view stills on my feature films page

Feeling abandoned by friends living more adult lives, Milo (Molly Bernard) rashly decides to become the surrogate for an older gay man (Patrick Breen) she meets at a bar. As the pregnancy progresses, she must contend with the implications of their evolving relationship.

Dir : Morgan Ingari

Dir of Photog : Maria Rusche

Producer : Candice Kuwahara

Enfant Terrible 

Shiva Baby | Feature Film 


Hollywood Reporter : 'Shiva Baby': Film Review | SXSW 2020

Indiewire : ‘Shiva Baby’ Review: A Sugar Daddy Crashes a Jewish Funeral in This Lively Queer Comedy

The Playlist : ‘Shiva Baby’ Delivers A Hilarious Symphony Of Tension And Humiliation-Based Comedy [Review]

Indiewire : Sundance 2020 Wish List

Screening Info

2020 SXSW World Premiere in narrative feature competition

Lighthouse International Film Fest | NJ drive-in theater 18 June

Melbourne International Film Fest : 6 - 23 Aug


more festival announcements coming soon!

A near college graduate, Danielle (Rachel Sennott), gets paid by her sugar daddy and rushes to meet her neurotic parents (Polly Draper, Fred Melamed) at a family shiva. Upon arrival, she is accosted by various estranged relatives about her appearance and lack of post-grad plans, while her confident ex-girlfriend, Maya (Molly Gordon), is applauded by everyone for getting into law school. Danielle's day takes an unexpected turn when her sugar daddy, Max (Danny Deferrari), arrives at the shiva with his accomplished wife, Kim (Dianna Agron), and crying baby. As the day unfolds, Danielle struggles to keep up different versions of herself, fend off pressures from her family and confront her insecurities without completely losing it.

Dir : Emma Seligman

Dir of Photog : Maria Rusche 

Producers : Katie Schiller, Kieran Altman, and Lizzie Shapiro

Gramercy | short film

Screening Info

Locarno International Film Fest : August 5-15, both online and in theaters in Switzerland

for more info, check out the official movie website or view stills on my short films page

Shaq, a young man grappling with depression, returns to his New Jersey hometown, where an exploration of grief and brotherhood transforms into an imagining of inner life. Starring Shaq Bynes, Karon Tracey, Jihad “Wave” Marshall, Duane “Mook” Dent Jr., Chidi “Chad” Nwala Gabriel Ajari VI 

Writers & Directors : Jamil McGinnis and Pat Heywood
Dir of Photog : Maceo Bishop
Producers Gabija Blake, Claire McGirr, Myriam Schroeter



A Portrait of Frances, Enclosed | Short Film 

Screening Info

Palm Springs International Shorts Fest : online 16 - 22 June

in competition for Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under

A polaroid flashes, it’s 1978 and Frances (Tess Lieber), twelve years old, slips a risqué photo of herself and a love letter into an envelope to slip under the door of her crush (Julian Lerner).

Dir : Katie Schiller, Jacob Levy

Dir of Photog : Cory Fraiman-Lott

Producer : Kieran Atlmann, Lucy Licht

It Doesn't Suck Productions

King Ester | Emmy Nominated Web Series


The M report : TV Review - KING ESTER 

Living Out Loud 2.0 : Black Trans Web Series 'King Ester' Receives Four Daytime Emmy Nominations

Quintessential Gentleman : In His Own Words: Screenwriter And Filmmaker Dui Jarrod Welcomes Us Into His World

Blacktalent.TV : An Interview with Dui Jarrod

New on Next : Angelica Ross to Star in Upcoming Web Series “King Ester”

Shadow & Act : 'King Ester': 'Pose' Star Angelica Ross Joins Web Series On Black Transgender Woman Escaping Hurricane Katrina

A Women's Thing : Producer Caralene Robinson on Why We Need More Transgender Films

Shadow & Act :'King Ester' Project, On Black Transgender Woman Escaping Hurricane Katrina, Is In Production; Janet Hubert Joins Cast

Screening Info

all seven 6-10 minute episodes available on Issa Rae's Color Creative YouTube channel

for more info, check out the official website

This is the story of Ester, a trans woman struggling to find her path in New Orleans during the week before Hurricane Katrina. In the face of an evacuation order, she is forced to make a choice that will impact her future forever. Will she get out on time?


Written and directed by Dui Jarrod (Brooklyn. Blue. Sky. on, this short form scripted series explores the intersection of race, class, and gender in a uniquely NOLA context. Starring Janet Hubert (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Angelica Ross (Pose, Her Story), and introducing Rowin Amone as Ester.

Dir : Dui Jarrod

Dir of Photog : Patrick Ryan Morris

Producers : Caralene Robinson, Ryan Robertson, Sheena Alexis Suarez

Color Creative, Dedalus Moving Pictures & 220th St Productions


2020 reels

Vimeo channel

features selected branded content works as Production Designer, Art Director, and Set Decorator.

Narrative Reel : Due to unreleased content, please email for a private link.

edited by Valerie Volpacchio

music : Sasak by Uncle Skeleton 

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edited by Valerie Volpacchio

music : Luxury by Mullaha


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currently seeking representation

Cheyenne climbed the art department ladder by working in all fields of the art department from doing scenic work to being a prop master (and lots of thrift shopping in between). Her eclectic experience shows in her work as she enjoys being hands-on to perfect all the little details. Her works exemplifies her understanding of character development in space, but she is looking to expand her focus to larger built sets and dive into the world of space exploration sci-fi films. To achieve this goal, she is currently a full-time student at Pratt Institute's School of Architecture, a top 10 architecture school in the country, and is the recipient of their presidential merit-based scholarship. Don't worry, she's still available for design work especially if it's shooting nights, weekends, or over summer break. Coffee on set required. 


As a designer, I prefer to join the creative process as early as possible. I love workshopping early drafts of scripts as much as I love working with a location manager to find the best space to tell the story. Production Design, for me, is so much deeper than choosing wall colors and drafting builds. It's working closely with the director, dp, and costume designer to create a unique look that adds an untold, but deeply felt, layer to the story. It's setting the tone, ambiance, environment, and mood in every detail that passes through the frame. The design of any project should elevate the story and bring a richer life to the screen.


With my department heads, I prefer to discuss characters and scenes at their core concept and mood while allowing space for new ideas to be introduced. Filmmaking is a social art form in both experience and creation, and I like to carry that idea through the whole process.

I deeply love crying alone in a movie theater, the idea of living on Mars, traveling, and architects Eero Saarinen and Bjarke Ingels. Currently, my favorite movie is Ad Astra. 


Keep up with latest work & behind-the-scenes @cheyenne_design on Instagram :

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