Cheyenne got her start in the art department in her hometown of New Orleans after noticing an art crew making props out of dumpster diving finds. Since moving to New York, her eclectic art dept experience has influenced her process on indie favorites including Shiva Baby (Rachel Sennott, Polly Draper, Dianna Agron), Give or Take (Norbert Leo Butz, Jamie Effros) and Milkwater (Molly Bernard, Robin de Jesús). Her world building for the queer sci-fi Friend of Sophia won her a best production design award at the Other Worlds Film Festival. She hopes to continue working in scifi and fantasy and apply her studies at Pratt School of Architecture to building unique worlds that stretch just beyond the ordinary. She's also been recognized as a BAFTA Breakthrough artist, and is participating in their 2021-2022 mentorship program with 9 other film & game professionals. Her commercial clients include Google, Shop Rite, and Gillette as well as brand films for high end commercial and residential real estate. 


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