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Talk to You

From the director, Zack Grant :


"Talk To You is an experimental documentary short based on a series of voicemails I discovered from my late grandfather, Gerald Grant, years after his death. Papa Gerry – as he coined himself – was both an omnipresent figure in my young life through his consistent calls and voicemails, and an absentee grandfather who lived alone in Orlando and rarely saw his family in person. Exploring the tension of childhood nostalgia and adult regret, the film guides viewers through a recreation of my grandfather’s Orlando home through a cautious and unfamiliar lens.


I knew I wanted to recreate my grandfather’s space, but I only had a vague recollection of what his condo in Orlando actually looked like. Every detail of the space had to feel appropriate and believable, but I also wanted to embrace my fragmented memories and role as an unreliable narrator. My production designer, Cheyenne Ford, did a fantastic job of embracing my grandfather’s aesthetic, using the real mementos that I had in my possession as inspiration to source all the other furniture and props. For location, we had access to a soon to be renovated brownstone in Ridgewood, Queens, which was a blessing because we could do whatever we wanted to the space, but also a curse because the space was empty and had to be built out from the floor to ceiling. In under a week on a limited budget, we created a space that felt lived in, true to my grandfather’s life, but also distant and surreal like our relationship."

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Dir. Zack Grant

Dir of Photog. Nathan Podshadley

Produced by Gabija Blake

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